Guide to Choosing the Perfect Men's Shoes for Ceremonies with LANCIO SHOES

Shoes are a fundamental element in completing your outfit for ceremonies and formal events. Choosing the right shoes is not just a matter of style, but also of comfort and quality. If you're looking for the perfect pair of men's shoes for a ceremony, let LANCIO SHOES guide you in your quest for perfection.

50 Years of Passion and Craftsmanship: The Story of Alberto Lanciotti and LANCIO SHOES

Hello everyone, I'm Alberto Lanciotti, the founder of LANCIO SHOES. It's incredible to think that it all started from an overwhelming passion for the shoemaking craft. I was young, curious, and passionate, and together with my parents, I established this workshop at the age of just 19.

Derby or Oxford: Choose Your LANCIO SHOES with Style

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a derby and an oxford shoe? It's all in the vamp: in the derby, the lacing of the shoe is movable, while in the oxford, it's a single piece with the upper.

5 Secrets for an Elegant Ceremony Look with Lancio Shoes

Are you getting ready for a ceremony and aiming to leave a refined impression? Then, do not overlook the importance of properly matching your shoes by following these five simple rules.

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