The Lancio Company

Since 1976 we have been shoe craftsmen and we have made our greatest passion our job and mission. A long story, made up of dexterity, discoveries, experiments and evolutions. From father to son, we passed on the knowledge of the high-quality shoemaking to the present day.

Our footwear has a classic and yet sophisticated personality, based on a timeless fashion idea, which takes inspiration from the land in which we work and live: Le Marche.

Our philosophy

In 2020, a year of great changes and renewals, we had the idea of approaching the public through an online shoemaker store, where we offer what we do best: an authentic hand made shoe, 100% made in Italy, top notch quality, durable over time, an eternal classic.

Then the idea of giving to the Lancio Company a logo to the brand's name: a boomerang that, if launched in the air, always comes back, a Karmic concept, the perfect balance albeit in flight.

If you too love timelessness, beauty and quality, you are part of our own Club.

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The Lancio Team.