The Art of Craftsmanship since 1976

For over 45 years, Lancio Shoes has been the embodiment of passion turned into craft. Through craftsmanship, discoveries, experiments, and evolution, we have preserved the wisdom of high-quality footwear, passing it down with pride from generation to generation.

The Marche "Shoes Valley": History, Beauty, and Tradition

From the majestic lands of the Marche region, our shoes are born, immersed in the historical and cultural beauty of the "Shoes Valley." Elite artisans handcraft each individual shoe, proud to belong to a centuries-old tradition and to preserve the essence of artisanal footwear production.

Lancio's Boomerang: Symbol of Balance and Return

In the tumult of 2020, we launched Lancio Shoes into the online world. We offer what we know best: authentic footwear, 100% made in Italy, of the highest quality and durability. The distinctive symbol of the boomerang embodies the karmic concept of perfect balance. We propel forward with innovations, challenges, and dedication, joyfully welcoming the return of customer satisfaction.

Authentic Craftsmanship: A Perfect Launch in Every Detail

Craftsmanship is at the heart of our mission. Details, perfection, cutting, and stitching are carried out with care and expertise. Lancio Shoes offers a perfect balance between strength, experience, and artisanal quality. Welcome to Lancio Shoes, where every step is a leap towards excellence. We enthusiastically share our commitment to timeless style, quality, and authentic craftsmanship.

Unique Style: Lancio Shoes, Every Step a Different Launch

At Lancio Shoes, we recognize the uniqueness of each individual in "throwing their own boomerang." Every shoe represents a different throw: delicate, strong, decisive, finished, or free. Our brand offers a style suitable for every occasion, with elegance and versatility, transforming every step into a unique style event.

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