Artisanal Craftsmanship

Discover the timeless artistry of footwear with Lancio, an icon of Italian elegance and craftsmanship mastery. By keeping alive the tradition of selecting fine materials and performing the hand finishing of crust leather, our commitment to excellence now evolves towards cutting-edge production.

We are the guardians of passion, yet we move with the rhythm of modern times. Our creations are as trendy as they are comfortable, lightweight, and eco-friendly. It's not just about shoes, but about works of art that embrace sustainability with every step.

Our story comes to life in over 100 intricate phases, a harmonious ballet performed by skilled artisans. Each pair of shoes is the result of extraordinary know-how and rigorous quality control that permeates every stage of the production process. Lancio's master shoemakers and designers work synergistically to create footwear that embodies personality, elegance, and uncompromising comfort from morning till night.

In addition to exploring new frontiers in the fashion world, we have ventured into a completely new territory: the luxury-sport collection. Less formal but equally captivating, this line redefines the standards of style and functionality, proving to be a remarkable success.

The Lancio Footwear Factory is not just a brand, but a promise of unsurpassed quality. With deep expertise and knowledge acquired from the finest shoemaking techniques, we skillfully blend tradition and innovation. Every day, we strive to perfect even the most complex constructions, such as Ideal, Goodyear, Blake, Rapid, ensuring that each shoe reflects our unparalleled commitment to Italian excellence.

"We have been handcrafting high-quality men's footwear in Italy since 1976."


E' un procedimento antico e porta il nome dell'inventore Charles Goodyear (1832): la lavorazione consiste in due cuciture, la prima unisce il sottopiede alla tomaia e al guardolo, la seconda il guardolo alla suola.
Il sottopiede normalmente viene rinforzato con della stoffa.

La cucitura “Goodyear” è un procedimento molto lento che richiede una grande manualità, proprio per questo è considerata la lavorazione più stimata. In questo sistema, le varie parti non sono perforate e la grandiosità del lavoro consiste proprio nel tratto della cucitura effettuato minuziosamente dall'artigiano. In questo caso la cucitura non è visibile all'interno.

This construction defines a shoe that is durable yet soft and flexible.


The upper is prepared with the outer edges glued and pressed onto a specific insole before being stitched; cotton thread is first passed through a specific boiler, where there is melted pitch, to ensure the total waterproofing of the thread and the holes.
This system has a much simpler variant which consists of turning the edges of the upper outwards and mounting them directly on the sole.

Particularly suitable for summer footwear such as sandals, it gives the shoe lightness and flexibility. It's possible to apply variations that allow for a thicker and winter sole (for example, rubber).


The Blake construction is named after the inventor of the machine that sews both inside and outside. To sew the sole, it is necessary to remove the last and re-thread it for finishing operations. This stitching is visible on the insole.

This type of construction makes the shoe flexible and durable.


The Blake-Rapid construction is a combination of the Goodyear and Blake methods, it is one of the oldest and most prestigious construction techniques, characterized by two stages: the first internal stitching (Blake) joins the upper, insole, lining, and midsole. The second external stitching (Rapid) binds the midsole to an additional layer of leather, which forms the final bottom of the shoe.
Advantages: Blake Rapid construction allows for shoe resoling, it is often used in winter footwear, making the shoe comfortable, waterproof, easy to fit, and highly durable over time.


Not all models are suitable for this type of construction, but for some (such as house slippers, simple summer footwear), it is particularly suitable. The upper is stitched to the insole together with the band that then covers the wedge. For this construction, the upper is not mounted with "clamps" on the last but simply inserted. Therefore, if the model is not perfect, defects cannot be eliminated except with heat.
Advantages: the sacchetto construction guarantees maximum softness, lightness, and comfort.

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