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Amalfi Nabuk leather | Savana

Introducing "Amalfi," our exclusive loafer model, we embody timeless elegance and Italian craftsmanship. Carefully crafted with passion in Italy, these shoes embody the essence of high-quality Italian craftsmanship. Their loafer style offers classic and sophisticated elegance, while the suede leather material gives them a touch of refinement and supreme comfort.

The leather soles, skillfully crafted, provide a stable and durable base, ensuring maximum resistance and comfort during use. Designed for the summer season, Amalfi shoes are perfect for every occasion, from work to formal events and leisure time.

With our Amalfi shoes, you can be sure to wear Italian excellence with every step. Choose quality, choose elegance, choose Amalfi.

Amalfi Deer Leather | Dark Brown

Explore summer with the timeless elegance of our "Amalfi" loafer in fine dark brown deer leather. Crafted with Italian craftsmanship mastery, this model embodies sophisticated style and impeccable quality.

The leather sole offers a touch of tradition and durability, ensuring comfort and resilience during your summer steps. Perfect for the warm season, the "Amalfi" loafer accompanies you with class on every occasion, from city strolls to evening events.

With its classic and refined design, the "Amalfi" loafer adds a touch of elegance to your summer wardrobe. Comfortable and distinguished, this model is ideal for those seeking impeccable style without sacrificing comfort. Prepare your summer look with the "Amalfi" loafer and experience summer with refinement and style.

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